Sunday Morning Sunrise

After reading “this several days ago, I’ve been unable to shake it from consciousness. “This” is driving the underlying current of my blog post shares of African animals.  Even this herd of elephants who wake to the morning sun and march in Tsavo National Park, seem to be doing so solemnly.


  1. I.can’t.even….how this inflames me, searing my heart as a brand. It’s too early and it’s too late.

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  2. I am surprised such a game ranch exists in our country that prides itself in Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
    What happiness can be gained in hunting and killing an exotic animal inside of a closed ranch?

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    ps: I am not defending India where animals are treated even worse.

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  3. how absolutely sad and awful

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  4. Hmmm, but it illustrated the strange disconnect that meat-eaters have in their minds. Some animals – like giraffe and kangaroos, horses, dogs and cats – are not to be killed but the rest are fair game. One quote from the article says “there’s concern when animals are raised solely for profit purposes”. What about where cattle are raised for steaks, pigs for bacon, sheep so that their babies can be eaten as lamb…

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  5. I can’t like this Dave. It wounds my heart. I feel awful that beautiful creatures would be kept for sport and slaughter … and then I realize it happens every day in factory farms right here. We don’t see photographs of that or have any insight into it.

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  6. Killing for sport. Raising animals for food. There’s a disconnect for me. My ancestors were farmers.

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  7. This upsets me terribly. Hunting to eat is one thing..hunting for the sheer sport of it is another altogether. Though I realize this is a large ranch, the phrase “fish in a barrel” keeps running through my mind. And I’m sorry, but the guy needs an animal’s head on his wall as a memento of a wonderful trip with his son? How about a beautiful 11×16 glossy and the poor animal gets to continue living its life, too? And sadly, Val is right. Factory farms aren’t any better. Sigh…

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  8. “This” is too hard to read. I feel sick knowing this kind of place even exists…and that there are people who enjoy killing these animals.

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  9. I’m still trying to get over a weird conversation I had with a customer at work Thursday night.
    Well, she was actually talking to herself. I was just listening. Something about how the new president should clean the country of these people, the immigrants and refugees and colored. She went on and on and on. We should distroy then. Step on them.
    I was sure there was a hidden camera somewhere trying to capture my reaction. And mind you, I was giving her a skincare consultation and applying foundation on her face.
    Then she asked if I agree. She asked!
    I said, “You have the right for your opinion and I disagree with you. The words distroy and step on are not in my vocabulary.”

    Then she said, “How could you be like this. You’re White.”

    I’m not white…

    “But your skin is white.”

    “I’m not white. Only my skin is white.
    I’m Palestinian Arab, half Muslim half Jew.”

    I’ll save you the rest of a long stupid rant at the end of a working day. I haven’t come this close to ignorance or cruelty in a very long time.
    Yes, it’s dark out there. 😌

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  10. Infuriating.

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  11. Too much to work with here…but everywhere we look, we have our work cut out for us. At the end, how do we inspire more love and appreciation for life?

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  12. Sad to hear that people continue to ignore the understanding that we are all connected. The suffering they inflict on animals, creates a ripple effect of suffering everywhere.

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