It’s been a long day

If just looking could be so satisfying, why was I always striving to have things or to get things done? Certainly I had never suspected that the key to my private reality might lie in so apparently simple a skill as the ability to let the senses roam unfettered by purposes. I began to wonder whether eyes and ears might not have a wisdom of their own.

~ Marion Milner, A Life of One’s Own (First Published, 1934)



  1. let it go is right

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  2. Seeing too much.
    Hearing too much.
    Feeling too much.
    All those eggs…in the same basket.
    Handle with care…

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  3. “There is always enough, I am enough.” Not many people I know live this truth. Love her words. 😌

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  4. Yes, I’m pretty sure we’re here in bodies to learn from them. The body has a wisdom all its own.

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    • Sure does. Tells you when you need more sleep. Ate too much. Exposed to too much ☀️. Etc. Etc.

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    • The knowing that comes through focusing is often surprising, and operates from its own logic rather than following in a linear fashion from something previously known. Its signal can be an intensification or a releasing. It can also be a sense of flow, fresh air, opening, expansion, or the like. Our bodies are wise in ways hardly ever acknowledged by our culture. Our bodies carry knowledge about how we are living our lives, about what we need to be more fully ourselves, about what we value and believe, about what has hurt us emotionally and how to heal it. Our bodies know the right next step to bring us to more fulfilling and rewarding lives.

      ~Ann Weiser Cornell


  5. very good this one!!

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  6. Through, time people have been preoccupied with the chatter going on in their respective minds…where persistent thoughts, niggle, occupying…those constraints, restrict…at some point a shift happens… some realize that by opening, lifting their mind to the outer surroundings and engage in the gift of life… they settle into peace…as they have embraced the freedom found in gratitude and contentment….

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  7. Wisdom!

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