It’s been a long day

To whom does my brain belong?
With what can I or you resist?
Within me disorder
While my brain seeks its order, at almost any price …

~ Göran Sonnevi, from Mozart’s Third Brain



  1. seeking balance

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  2. I sometimes wonder the same…

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  3. Got that! It seems to be in the universe at the moment.

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  4. Within me malaise. Think the steady drumbeat of despair from Harvey’s wrath on poor Houston together with the current political climate is taking a silent toll….

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  5. He’s come undone, a mere shell of a man…pulled this way and that..existing in a time bomb of constraint…he does not want to be a tethered marionette puppet performing a dance of demands…demands that play in his head even after the strings have been loosened, slack for dinner and sleep, the demands on playback, haunting him during his attempt of slumber…soon, all too soon the eyes open, legs moves and the dance begins again…his silent scream of mother may I have time to myself to be who i am?…and I think he has reached the “Outer Limits” of His Mind…he is not in Control…

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  6. Dave, Yes…

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  7. Oh, and did you like the intro of “Outer Limits”?

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  8. So appropriate for me I’ve been in this state for a few weeks. It’s been a long month. ☺☺☺

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