Driving I-95 S. With a ‘vanity’ plate.

I’m trailing behind a late model Chevy SUV in the left lane.

It’s twenty minutes in front of the morning rush hour on I-95 S. Traffic is light, I’m cruising at 15 over the limit.

Morning news is spewing Hamburg, Trump, Putin, G-20, protesters, North Korea missile launch, sanctions, UN. Sickening. I turn the dial to 70’s on 7 and turn the volume down.

Chevy won’t give way to the center lane.

Mind shifts to yesterday. Shouldn’t have said that. Could have done that. Not moving fast enough on that. Annoyed with that. Behind on that. Need to press harder on that. Anxious about that.

Chevy is white, I mean like Snow White, not a spec of dirt. I catch the vanity plate. I stare at the plate. I’m overcome with gratitude.

Two men going to work.

Two men sitting in their car and replaying yesterday, today, 10 years ago, 20 years ago.  One swimming in nonsense, the other in horror.

I gently ease off the accelerator, he widens the gap until he disappears and I turn off onto the I-287 ramp.

I get to the office.  I can’t find a replica of the plate online but the image below is close enough.

Peace Friend. Peace.

Inspired by Catherine Lacey’s “The Answers: A Novel“: “Every fact she’d ever learned, every word read or written, every exhale, every blink, every ounce of her pressed forward, pressed her into the present.

Notes: Related Posts: Commuting Series. Image: Mariam’s PSY


  1. And yes…gratitude.

    On a similar note, “ITLL-B-OK” seen two days ago. Gave me a smile, gave me hope because some else has hope.

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  2. Love the rhythm of this.
    And yes. Gratitude.
    Funny how one’s perspective can change in an instant…

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  3. Perspective

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  4. in an instant. it all happens in an instant.

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  5. Everyone has a story and we don’t know what strangers have gone through. This one was a wake up call and a revelation.

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  6. Your post brought a smile and gratitude, then sadness that people are still being wounded in wars, then happiness at the thought that this veteran hadn’t died in battle, and then sadness at the thought that he may still be fighting pain and inner battles and carrying internal and external scars from the way he experienced. May he and all combat wounded find lasting peace and gratitude of all for whom they fought. May there come a day when there will no longer be combat wounded and dead.

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  7. David
    You are a thoughtful man! I always get a warm feeling in my heart when you drop by. How do you live a jammed packed life with family, work and give generosity towards your many followers? You’re doing it right!
    In Christ

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  8. I actually did a workshop yesterday on our Focus in Life, asking “what do you focus on each day” your post is a wonderful example of how changing our focus, creates new energy and thoughts, no matter what is going on around us or in us. 👏👍

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  9. And maybe, given the shit cycling through your own mind at the time, the message was for you. Peace, Friend, Peace, your benediction. To yourself, be true. Love ❤

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  10. Well done…well felt…well seen…hold those thoughts as a bunch of wild flowers. Grace for these men, gratitude for you.

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  11. These moments of realization are powerful…. and wonderful to share 💛 Thanks David.
    As Karen says, the answer really is to pause, reflect and notice. It changes our thinking and creates new awarenss of ourselves and the world around us. Just like feeling the connection with the veteran, we see others with kindness.
    The secret sauce, is committment to practice. xo

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  12. So well written and described. A marvellous post, I keep rereading it David. Thanks. and peace……. 🙂

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