It’s been a long day

I just keep taking the next step knowing there’s no call for standing in the crowd and recounting my failures, there’s no retribution that demands I shrug off the notice of the works of my hands. There’s no need to deny or lessen the good by stepping back into my wanderings to tell of the bad. There’s grace in the ordinary life I live that just needs to live, knowing it’s all miracle, all of this beautiful stuff every morning. All the days long.

~ Lisa Tindal, from “The Essence of Days

(By one of our very own WordPress bloggers at the handle: Quiet Confidence)





  1. I’ve known Lisa for about seven years. Her life is anything but ordinary.

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  2. Perfect words to bring closure to the longest of days.

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  3. It truly is…

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  4. yes, all the days long.

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  5. Love this. Thank you. Shared on the Ethos Deal.

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