A Nigerian man holds his baby on their way to Italy after being rescued by the Spanish aid organization Proactiva Open Arms on the Mediterranean Sea. The organization on Thursday rescued more than 600 migrants who were attempting the perilous crossing of the Mediterranean Sea to Europe in packed boats from Libya. (Emilio Morenatti, AP,, June 16, 2017)


  1. So much hope encapsulated in that tiny visage….

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  2. Wow, makes me wonder how the made it from Nigeria to the Mediterranean. They probably walked for weeks. The crossed the Sahara north to the sea.

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  3. When will we build a world where we all help each other, instead of constructing environments from which people must flee or perish. I can’t wrap my head around it.

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  4. all hope.

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    Yes, why can’t we? Why can’t anyone help? 😪


  6. What a beautiful little face. There is hope for him now that he’s made it to far.
    I have to agree with Sawsan… how did they even get to the Mediterranean…

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  7. We can have no concept of what it must be like to have to flee.

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  9. No separation. We are all connected and there is always hope. 🙏🏻

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