When I was a little girl…

“When I was a little girl,” she told me, “my parents took my brothers and me to the Grand Canyon. You can actually see all that space over the canyon, you know. I never forgot its breadth, how delicate the colors of the rocks and the sky and the trees were that hung in it. I wanted to fill that space up, to be inside it like a bird, graceful, rising, falling, flying long, winding spirals from the rim down to a landing far below.”

~ Barry Lopez, from “Field Notes: The Grace Note of the Canyon Wren



  1. This photograph is marvellous

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  2. The wren is so cute! 🐧

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  3. The Grand Canyon has that kind of effect.

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  4. love the light in the photo

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  5. Love that wren!

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  6. 🙂 Darling little bird. ❤

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  7. That photo truly is amazing and the Grand Canyon is still on my list (flying over it to go to Vegas doesn’t count…)

    Happy Sunday to You, David!

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  8. Christie says:

    I think back, to June two summers ago….a darling little wren sitting on the railing in the morning light watching me, deciding if it was safe to dart into the small opening in the chinking of the weathered log cabin built in the late 1800’s…which sits, occupying a grand spot where a river runs along just outside the door and the open land under the big sky gives way to towering mountain peaks…and in the evening the sun paints the sky behind the peaks… as the evening closes the wren who spent its time free in the wild land, often darting back and forth to its nest in the cavity of the log cabin where we are privileged to lay our heads to sleep, we are all in sync with the rhythm of nature, where the wren is settled in its nest …as our heart rates and the flow of breath slows…we drift effortlessly into sleep… grateful for the gift of each breath…

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  9. What a happy Sunday morning bird!

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  10. Thank you for the reminder that we all have the opportunity to fill the space between our birth and death with beauty, grace, our special gifts for the world, and so much more, David.

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  11. The Wren is like the cherry on a magnificent cake made by Mother Nature. Well done. Thank you for sharing, David.

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  12. Love Lopez. ☺️

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  13. I love the photo more than the quote—the rusty little bird on its rusty rock.

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