Zoned Out

There are the lucky few who zone out their windows and stare at brinks. The faraway intrigue of a forest— how it conspires— or the streaked lines of an ocean fringed by its horizon, or a city with more sky than scrapers, or even the informality of a backyard at dawn. But there are those— my friend and I— who can zone out, quite easily, to whatever’s right in front of us, no matter how unspectacular. A poorly painted wall. Its cracks. The ceiling fan’s chop. A woman on the C train pulling her ponytail through its tie, not once or twice, but six times. Six complete loops; her fingers closing into a claw each time. It’d been months since I’d been to a museum, but watching this woman mechanically tie her hair was softly enormous.

~ Durga Chew-Bose, from “Heart Museum” in Too Much and Not the Mood: Essays

Image: deryhana


  1. We are on the same page.
    No….we could co-author the book.

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  2. I’m with you on the zoning out on whatever is nearby. Like my dog’s eyebrows going up and down while staring at me waiting for a treat.

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  3. Amazing, isn’t it, how the simplest of actions can transfix us?

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    • Yes. So true. Your comment reminds me of:

      Even boredom should be described with gusto. How many things are happening on a day when nothing happens?”

      ~ Wislawa Szymborska, translated by Clare Cavanagh

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  4. The map the veins make on my mother’s left hand. Same map since I was yound. I’ll find it in a million other hands.

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  5. . . . and new opportunities are always available for zoning out… just yesterday, I noticed my “pulse” on the medial aspect of my R knee and I just observed it for about ten minutes. A new chapter of self-discovery and relaxation?

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  6. the power is in the simple things

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  7. Life is made up of such small joys.

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  8. Meditation of any kind is simply a practice of focus. Love all the suggestions, may have to focus on my dog a bit more ha! 😌😇

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  9. I focus on all that is around me, allowing myself moments when I am caught almost hypnotized, by that which I see. But typically, it’s the things no one else would even notice.

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  10. Anonymous says:

    I love all the comments found here and it got me to thinking… watching a bee bumble away between flowers is one amazing way to zone out…

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  11. I totally get this.. zoning out on activity.. zoning now…


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