Why a few little sparks?

What am I doing

but striking a few little sparks

when what the occasion demands is a comet?

~ Seamus Heaney, interviewed in The Art of Poetry No. 75



  • Photo: First photograph of a comet. Image obtained by Jules Janssen on June, 30, 1881 (via The Future of the Past)
  • Post Inspired by Maurice Vlaminck: “I seem initially to have followed Fauvism, and then to have followed in Cézanne’s footsteps. Whatever – I do not mind… as long as first of all I remained Vlaminck.” (via CozyHuarique)
  • Heaney Quote via Schonwieder


  1. A few sparks ignited together is a pretty awesome thing

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  2. it all begins somewhere –

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  3. Comets are overrated!! 🙄 Those little sparks make the world go round ha 💥💥💥

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  4. To borrow from Mimi and Beth, the largest conflagrations had to start somewhere.

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  5. exactly

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  6. To see the Haley’s comets from Vancouver was FANTASTIC! Still remember the days I saw it. Too bad that was the time I do not own a single media to capture the image.

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  7. Take it from a comet, sometimes little sparks are what’s needed 😉 xo

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  8. . Take it from a comet, sometimes little sparks are what’s needed 😉 xo

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  9. . !

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  10. . !


  11. . You have an amazing mind to lock that in…

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  1. […] you David for starting a few little sparks and unlocking my […]


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