Reunited (There’s no greater privilege)

Thank you Christie


  1. I could watch this forever.

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  2. Magical!

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  3. i loved this so much – some connections are transcendent.

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  4. And…How cool is that.

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  5. I want a gorilla hug!

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  6. This is TRUE love.

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  7. So moving and beautiful. Thank you for sharing. ☺

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Simply amazing!!

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  9. I love that you share these things, David!
    I had seen this video a few weeks ago and I’m just as moved now rewatching it.

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  10. I’ve seen this so many times…and it worth watching every time. The warmth of existence wraps around you like a soft blanket.

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  11. ❤ Love. Cher xo


  12. roseanne333 says:

    What we could learn from this! So beautiful.

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  13. Love this so much! Thank you for sharing David 💛

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  14. Fabulous share, pal. Could watch this over and over….

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  15. Christie says:

    You are most welcome, Dave. Such a life long bond… I think of how on the second day, the gorilla siblings were waiting at the waters edge for Tansy and her dad 🙂 Makes me sad to think of the depression the Gorillas will have on the day that Tansy and her dad, do not return because they have gone home. Hopefully, Tansey and her Dad will return yearly. I remember years ago, when my daughter was doing a report on the Democratic Republic Of The Congo (the DOC) was in a war at that time and so many Low Land Gorillas lost their lives due to the warfare…breaks my heart. My heart also breaks when there are floods, forest fires, wild land fires,earthquakes and tornado as so many people, domestic animals, wild animals and property are lost in these events. We had some bad ice storms and a recent wind storm and during the aftermath of one of the ice storm we saw a last years fawn passed away under tree debri…it never had a chance, the noise, the confusion, the trees and branches crashing everywhere…damaging and destroying any thing in its path… Many years ago I dove for the bedroom cornor as a tree came down on our little rental house, bouncing, ripping and then rolling past the window…not an experience I will ever forget.

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