Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder?

Don Rickles, 90. RIP.


  • Blog Title: “Who picks your clothes – Stevie Wonder?” Don Rickles to David Letterman
  • The Very Best of Don Rickles: Youtube
  • Photo: Don Rickles by Markku Lahdesmaki via travelist


  1. We lost an original, that’s for sure.

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  2. i used to watch him with my dad, he would laugh his head off –

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  3. One of the best.

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  4. He reminds me of my Dad. Funny and holding a lot of anger and resentment in that came out as sarcastic comedy.
    I laughed along with him in the 70’s. I now hope he found happiness and peace in life. 💛

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  5. One of the funniest guys ever.

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  6. Memories of tears running down my dad’s cheeks as he laughed so hard he’d start to hiccup. RIP…

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  7. A classic.

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