But what is Hope?

“A Somali girl displaced by drought wears a pair of mock spectacles cut out from a cardboard box as she carries her brother around a camp just outside of Mogadishu. Somalia’s drought is threatening three million lives.”


  • Inspired by: “But what is Hope? Nothing but the paint on the face of Existence.” by Lord Byron
  • Photo: Farah Abdi Warsameh, AP, wsj.com, March 28, 2017


  1. “Nothing but the paint on the face of existence.”
    Reminds me of Mandela’s words, “Put up a front.”

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  2. and still she carries herself with a grace and dignity far beyond her years. she can’t afford to give up hope.

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  3. She carries herself with dignity *and* she looks after her little brother. Wise beyond her years….

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  4. Hope is most valued when circumstances are hopeless.

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  5. Do we have enough appreciation for our “drinkable from the tap” water?

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  6. Such a dire place and has been for many years. Global warming is not making it any easier on these people :*(

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  7. So sad, but in the situation her strength shows.

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  8. I’m a bit lost for words. I don’t think our young people here, with all their needs met, can really appreciate what they have. And how many people, really do go without.

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  9. Thank you for occasionally providing these glimpses into reality other than ours.

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  10. Sad, but that is the reality. So disheartening to see my people like this. One day a change will come and hope will have its meaning again. Insha’Allah

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