Good Morning

Theoretically there is no absolute proof that one’s awakening in the morning (the finding oneself again in the saddle of one’s personality) is not really a quite unprecedented event, a perfectly original birth.

— Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister

Sources: Quote – who are you really, wanderer?. Photo: Lina Scheynius via Newthom


  1. It is a rebirth.
    I always forget this, but when we sleep the soul leaves the body!
    And we also strongly believe that one must wake up slowly and gently. So one can find oneself again in the saddle of one’s personality I guess.

    Miracle, all of it!

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  2. Happy Birthday day!!!

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  3. groundhog day

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  4. It’s certainly a wonderful opportunity to start anew! 🌞☀️😎

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    Good morning …

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  6. OUCH!

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  7. Such an interesting way to look at things! And speaking of interesting, heels from that angle look positively *bizarre*. 😉

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  8. Looks like a spur growing on that left heel. But even people with sore feet can look forward to a brand new day. I love mornings for that very reason. It means I’m still here and I try to make the most of it.

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  9. I love this photo. And the quip, of course. How these ankles/heels belong to the same person yet are so different. Always a miracle, all of it.

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  10. “the finding oneself again in the saddle of one’s personality” – sometime it’s a rebirth, other times a resignation.

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