It’s been a long day


I wanted to know:

Was it enough to sing small songs that rose to the surface for a moment, shared then gone?

What about everlasting glory?

Didn’t he want a smidge of that?

~ Kyo Maclear, Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation 




  1. A smidge of yearning for glory or a drink to escape the disappointment … works in the same way.
    This human struggle is where great stories, poetry and art are made.
    It our choice, whether to write about it or move towards transcending it.
    Thank you for the thought provocation DK 💛

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  2. Michael Zahaby says:

    Love the pic

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  3. Perhaps everlasting glory is in singing the small songs. I’m beginning to think so…

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    • It has taken me too long to figure this out Mimi. Your thought trigged memory of this:

      In my younger days, I would have taken this gin bottle and thrown it against the wall. Then smash the window open and cut myself with the shards. But, now I’m just going take a few steps back and go to bed. This is the science of getting older.

      — Mary Montezuma

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  4. I think we all imagine a touch of everlasting glory in our life, but knowing we are enough, can take a lifetime to accept. 🍀🌿 Great post. Happy Friday my friend.😀

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  5. the moments are everything

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  6. Small things…huge impact.

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