Just for the joy of it


What is worth singing about? What if the song is too small? Books will tell you that birds sing for a number of reasons— to call to each other, to warn of predators, to navigate, to attract mates. But I wasn’t so much interested in what the books believed. I wanted to know what the musician believed. “Why do birds sing?” So, at the end of our first bird walk together, I asked. I wanted him to say they sing because they have to, because they must, because it is part of their very essence, an irrepressible need. […]

Slowly the musician nodded his head. Finally, he said, “Okay. It’s possible that birds may sing just for the joy of it.” I don’t know why his response made me so happy but it did.

~ Kyo Maclear, Birds Art Life: A Year of Observation 




  1. Makes me happy too

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  2. I love that answer!

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  3. roseanne333 says:

    Such a beautiful way to start our Sunday…..for the joy of it.

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  4. Made my morning 😀

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  5. christinesat says:

    Oh, I’m waiting for the first spring evenings when the blackbirds are sitting on the roofs and sing. I need this so much, The last weeks have been hard. I’m still trying to recover from a very hard depression. Not the first one but one of my worst. First class burn out. Springtime would be fine.

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  6. Such a lovely thought….

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  7. Yes!

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  8. Great photograph! Thanks for sharing.

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