It’s been a long day


I have had days
stare back at me as if to say,
let’s see who will darken first.

William Olsen, from “The Day After the Day of the Dead” in The Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Prose Poetry




  1. magnificent photograph that expresses beautifully

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  2. So beautifully put! I have had many such days of late! Looking forward for a snow day tomorrow.

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  3. I’d let the day win!

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  4. Dark days come and go. As long as you don’t start talking in some strange language, I reckon is all okay 💛

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  5. Ephemeral. This feeling. You can barely photograph it, but you caught it.

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  6. Indeed…migraine-all-day kind of dark and long and foreboding. Happy it’s in the rear view mirror.

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  7. bring it.

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  8. Yes, sometimes resisting it takes too much energy 😬

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