Big Foot




Natalie Weinberger, a Brooklyn-based ceramic artist, made the Big Foot Collection paying homage to the elevated vessel: wheel thrown chalices, stemware, and a variety of other elevated table top items ranging from the useful to the absurd. She uses an unusual blend of materials: a mixture of recycled stoneware, porcelain scraps, and black volcanic sand to create raw texture on her utilitarian creations.  Natalie deeply appreciates supplies that become alive after modelling and firing – quoting the past while making everyday minimalist objects that feel contemporary.”

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  1. i love her use of simple and beautiful materials to create simple and beautiful pieces.

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  2. I love it when an artist helps me to see something commonplace with new eyes!

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  3. Beautiful photography!

    The blog title suggested DK’s original post. I was grinning yesterday when I saw a notification for this post. So I have to admit, I was a little disappointed so see this. Love your originals. Please keep them coming!!

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  4. Dave, You have to know that I was expected something else.

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