Saturday Morning


O let me lift it, ever so slightly.
It hangs before me—ever—heavy, motionless—
this curtain which veils the future.
Let me just hold a corner up and peep beyond.
Then maybe I shall be content.

Katherine Mansfield, dated Sept 2, 1907 from Delphi Complete Works of Katherine Mansfield


Notes: Quote: The Value of Soul Making. Photo: Kulturtava


  1. such a cute shot and not sure i want to know the future, just content under the cozy curtain )

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  2. I think I’ll hang out under the covers with the pups …

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  3. Sweet! One thing I enjoyed about my childhood dog was he liked to sleep with me. My kitties visit during the night, mostly to make sure I know kitty food time is coming, so be ready to get up and feed them, though one will sleep next to me briefly or knead my arm.

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  4. We all dislike the unknown. The what if? and I too have wished at times, that I could lift it ever so slightly and yet, I know deeply, it brings no peace or contentment. 🙏🏻 Your picture def reminds me of Zeke 😢

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  5. Such a poignant passage, and that photo? My house on any given evening. Where would we be without our pets, who do such a fabulous job of keeping us in the moment and reminding us that we are loved RIGHT NOW.

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  6. The sweetest photo. Reminds me…..our daughter was 10 when we got our sheepdog. We were all over-the-moon in love with that dog. He slept with her every night until his joints made it painful to jump up and down from such heights. He’s been gone just about 9 months and I still hear his paws on the hard wood floors occasionally. There won’t be another like him. How they work their way into our lives and hearts.

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Good morning … it’s Saturday!! Yawn …

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  8. That is SO sweet.

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  9. Gorgeous photo, David. Happy Sunday.


  10. Nope. Dogs & cats have the right idea. Keep that veil in place. What’s the future compared to a warm spot?

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