Photo: Sparrows in flight near Minsk, Belarus. Sergei Grits (AP)


  1. Me crossing the parking lot at the gym when the temp is 6 degrees like it was yesterday morning. Brrrrr…

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  2. awesome

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  3. Wow! Surely not easy to capture with such sharpness …

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  4. let the wind take you where it will.

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  6. roseanne333 says:

    Would love to witness this gorgeous flight.

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  7. “We need Beauty
    because it makes us ache
    to be worthy of it.”

    ~ Mary Oliver
    A few years ago, at Wellesley College convocation, during the Q&A, someone asked her, What is the purpose of beauty?

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  8. christinesat says:

    Sparrows.. I can’t help it, I really love them. They’re like a bunch of pals; if you feed one, he flies away and comes back with the whole swarm. They’re curious, funny and brave. I’ve seen a flock of them, annoying a falcon that much, that it flew away. I always enjoy seing them.

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