T.G.I.F.: the chatter of blind effortful thought


People had often told me to ‘let go’ more, to give myself up to music or impulse, or rest, and I had always thought it meant a passive plunging in to the oblivion of my blind thought. But always, when given its head, my blind thought had carried me away into hot, fussy anxieties or long-winded scheming for things it wanted, some plan or another which would not let me rest. And this state had spread from my mind to my body, so that my muscles were always taut with the effort to get what I wanted. Now, however, when I had at last learnt the restraining act which was real ‘letting go’, the chatter of blind effortful thought dwindled from an exhausting distraction to the far-away twitter of sparrows high up in the eaves.

~ Marion Milner, A Life of One’s Own (First Published, 1934)




  1. Oh, to learn this lesson!

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  2. I have occasional glimpses of this state, but they usually involve a tropical island and rum punch….

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  3. Another peaceful gift from our Mother, if we choose to be aware and accept.


  4. Cracking photo which going to try and recreate great words as always

    – you need to take a chill pill every so often

    have a great weekend


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  5. … “the last restraining act of real letting go”… does make me wonder what she refers to. Is there more here David?

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  6. “Restraining act”…
    ” the restraining act which was real ‘letting go’.”
    Such contradiction in terms.

    Did not read the book but saw parts of it here and there.
    I’m from the other extreme and always happy when I see people like her cross over, or come to visit near the fence.
    Though, truth be told, the whole universe is still riding on the shoulders of people like her.

    Those sparrows ought to twitter louder. 🙂

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  7. “People had often told me to ‘let go’ more, to give myself up to music or impulse, or rest” suggests to me letting the guard down, living in the moment that that activity is bringing you. Meditation comes to mind.

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  8. at least for a long moment here and there…

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