If you live to be very old, you may see twelve hundred full moons

One world trade center

If you live to be very old, you may see twelve hundred full moons. Some come in winter and you trudge out into the deep snow to stand beneath their glow. Others come to you in the city and you take an elevator up to the roof of the highest building and set out a couple of folding chairs to watch it glide across the sky. Or the moon finds you along a foreign shore and you paddle out in some dingy and scoop its reflection from the waters and drink it down. The moons of your old age are the most potent but seem few and far between. They make their way into your marrow and teach it how to hum. When your final moon arrives, it’s as if youth has come back to you. Though instead of flaunting its yellow hat, now it’s dressed in black.

~ David Shumate, “An Inventory of Moons” from Kimonos in the Closet



  1. That is 100 years old!

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  2. The moon has an ethereal, gentle quality for me. I thank the powers which be each time I glimpse it.

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Amazing … I’ve seen many, want to see many more!!

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  4. i love the moon, both bright and dark –

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  5. 516…

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  6. Yikes, I am up to 876, a bit mind blowing.

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  7. vowww..nice..like from http://birdandwildlifephotography.com/

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  8. Haunting … 🌝🌚

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  9. I never tire of the moon, no matter how many times I see it or in what guises it appears — Hunter’s Moon, Supermoon, they’re all spectacular…. 🙂

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  10. I wonder whether words, when strung together with magic and wonder can be more enticing than the moon itself..

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  11. As someone who adores the moon, I love that concept of seeing all those full moons in a lifetime.

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