And Then You Just Let Go

Yes you do Patty. Yes you do.

“Working primarily through staged self-portraiture and portraiture, Patty creates rich vibrant photographs that envision the world in a transformative light.  Patty loves to create in the boundaries between real life and the otherworldly, the surreal and the fantastic.” (About Patty Maher)



  1. I’ve mostly seen her photography here, on your blog.
    It’s breathtaking. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

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  2. So very difficult in letting go the things or people we hold dear…for they may never return. As for those things that are most harmful to us, we can only hope that they do not.

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  3. What a beautiful composition !

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  4. “Letting go” is sometimes a very good thing. It can be applied to so many things and often results in lowering one’s stress level.

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  5. Glad to see your images are still nice and wide… 😀

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  6. I’m not sure I would associate letting go with a balloon out of hand!
    There is another expression, I believe, for “letting go” of what is bad for us.
    What we love dearly, the Un-let-go-able, is more like leaves falling in autumn. It comes back.

    “Letting go” is on of the biggest psychological myths. There is no such thing.

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  7. I love this photographer—the unearthly red hair and dead-white skin.

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  8. that is where I live, between otherworldly and real life….

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  9. stunning work – looks like a beautiful painting –

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  10. I love that one cannot see the expression the girl’s face, only her body language. Those tight shoulders.

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  11. The photo to me, makes me ponder. It seems that the object of the photo is the assumed horizon…and perhaps in her view she sees the horizon as the limit …while the red balloon, lifting, is venturing out into the beyond…

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  12. and the red of her hair and the red balloon, the sapphire blue dress and the blue shoes which are one with the earth, the blue of the sky just beyond her reach and she physically allows the balloon to float on to the freedom beyond, perhaps symbolically it is her? And I know that my point of view, respected 🙂


  13. I so love red hair,,,coming from a family of red heads!

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  14. Beautiful!! Really a fine art!

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