Let’s Go Swimming (In Suining)


More than 6,000 people pour into the swimming pool at the Dead Sea tourist resort to avoid summer heat in Suining, China.  See more photos and back story here: Chinese Tourists REALLY Love Their Swimming Pool At The ‘Daying Dead Sea’

Photo Source: wsj.com


  1. Wow. Looks more like a “standing pool”. Not sure anyone is swimming. Amazing pic. ☺

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  2. Anonymous says:

    So colorful, and then I realized it was people in a pool! What a photo!

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  3. Advice to Asian investors and interested parties :
    Invest in plastic, especially flotation devices.
    Stay clear of pools. Seriously! This will damage your health.

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  4. Takes the saying ‘everyone into the pool’ to a whole new level..😉

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  5. Chlorine check

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  6. Ughh! Thinking too much about the hygiene in that pool? 🤑🙃

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  7. That photo … OMG …. Horrible!

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  8. what about body heat? !

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  9. Sorry, your source is wrong. That’s a snapshot from hell.

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  10. Is there a word for a severe phobia of being in a pool like this? I’m feeling it just looking at the photo.

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  11. Wow! I preferred to swim in the cool lake of the north. Just me and the swans.

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  12. Holy. Crap. (and I say that in EVERY sense of the word….)

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