1. Lindo, lindo! Parabéns pela sensibilidade!

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  2. Family hump day:)

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  3. Family vacation!

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  4. Today I was thinking no matter who wins the coming election we are all going to grow a hump. :o)

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  5. you are a teenager and don’t act like you know your parents but still keep them in your eyesight day –

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  6. Love Wednesdays!

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  7. Djerba beach, and now Caleb in Tunisia.
    Here is a song by French-Canadian singer of Jewish-Tunisian descent,
    Au café des délices by Patrick Bruel.

    This will get up on your feet dancing 😉

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  8. Aw! What a cutie. Caleb must be a proud dad.

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  9. Fine strutting for a Wednesday!

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  10. Looks like Caleb’s Hollywood family came to town. Very glam!!

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