Come on people. It’s this simple.




  1. Things that make me happy; I beat cancer three times.

    Things I do every day; I open my eyes each morning, I get another day older 73 and counting. I get to see another sunrise and sunset. I am able to love my grandchildren, see them grow, love my family and friends. Write stories, help someone in any way I can. pray for a better future for our country.

    Compare the lists.

    Adjust Accordingly. I can not turn back time, It would be wonderful to win Power Ball and or the Lottery. I am happy. :o)

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  2. Mmm if it was that simple, why are so many not doing it Mr K? 😢

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  3. Trying…a work in progress..

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  4. Simple. Perfect. ❤️

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  5. Is it just me or did the reblog button disappear?

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  6. reflect on this with each moment you breathe.

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  7. Oh – that is brilliant. How come I never thought of that? This is a great experiment for me today, David. Hmm. A bit fearful of the results, maybe…

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  8. simple…but oh so hard….

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  9. Reblogged this on On the Homefront and commented:
    simple–yes, but oh so hard……..adjusting………..adjusting………….

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  10. Starting now

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  11. My lists are all quite long. I’m not unhappy with my life. Except for a few goals not yet fulfilled (and we all need goals), my life is pretty good and I feel very, very lucky. One thing on my list that makes me happy is my blogging and email friends (among many other things).

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  12. Salpa 58 has a great attitude…. I may need to read those every day, for a good attitude adjustment starter to my mornings! wonderful post David 🙂 …. yes, another 🙂

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  13. This is so good! Many of us are so busy and on auto-pilot we don’t even notice. A few years ago I asked myself 2 pivotal questions –
    “What do I organize my life around?”
    “What do I want to organize my life around?”
    Putting what we love as a priority changes everything 💛

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  14. KISS. I motto to follow: Keep It Simple Stupid. What I usually say to myself.

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  15. On it.

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  16. Excellent guide to live by!😀

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  17. John Barnes says:

    I’m coming into this late, but if you go back to salpa58’s two lists and switch them around, they make more sense.

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