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I’ve never met Patricia Salamone and not sure how she found me.  She left a comment on a post and it stuck.

“I married, raised 3 children, worked for many years and wrote in my spare time. Don’t ask me how I ever had spare time but it was mostly in the wee hours of the morning. I sent a few stories to magazines but they always got rejected. I continued to write but never sent anything in again. I wrote because I loved it. Then I retired, my children all finished University, got married and started families. I had plenty of time on my hands and a computer so I wrote, and I still write.

Although my writing is raw and I have not been schooled in writing, I did have a book published: The Italian Thing. It was not edited and it was my first try. It is a humorous memoir about a trip to Naro, Sicily and meeting our family members that live there, for the first time. We have many adventures and misadventures but in the end we had a marvelous and unforgettable trip.

…I write because I love it, and that’s good enough for me. I will probably will never make much money at it, but a few things were published and my words are out there forever even when I’m gone. I’m happy.  :o)”

Thank you Patricia. For the inspiration.

Patricia’s a WordPress blogger at this handle: The Writers Desk.


  1. Thank you both for the inspiration!

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  2. “I write because I love it…” The best reason of all….

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  3. Like my paintings, it becomes shallow and insincere when my focus is on fame or duplication. Still, I persist.

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  4. The perfect reason to write…anything. 💕

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  5. I understand completely the emotions of writing not being a classical version of a trained writer myself.

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  6. and that, should be the reason for most everything we do – thanks for sharing this –

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  7. Isn’t it great when we can’t help but do what we love 😀

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  8. Christie says:

    Thank you for this post…In your introduction of Patricia Salamone to us (your readers) you show your gratitude, caring and humbleness as a human…You and Patricia Salamone encourage and inspire others…

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  9. This is it exactly. To do what we love is to be what we were born to be. Money be damned.

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  10. I’m well into Patricia’s book and I feel like she is talking about my family. Thanks for the introduction.

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  11. Your post, in particular your last paragraph is very inspiring – thanks for the read x

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