Evening Steam





  1. ahhhhhhhh….

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  2. We will be there next year if all goes as planned. It looks divine~

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  3. Very inviting!

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  4. When I saw the email notice of this post I started to cry. I didn’t realize I’d slipped into such a sad & needy slot on my head-space continuum. I don’t think you know how you *help* me, DK. I am so grateful.

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    • Awwww, Sandy. I’m sorry you aren’t in a good place. Glad I could shine even a little light on your day. Wishing you peace.

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    • christinesat says:

      Hallo Sandy. I was really thinking about some very “intelligent” advice. But now I think, the following will be more important and more helpful. Feel yourself hugged, really loving and long. Hopefully, you’ll soon feel better. All good wishes.

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