It entered into me, became part of me. I was eating sun.


This light was not like the flow of water, but something more fleeting and numberless, for its source was everywhere. I liked seeing that the light came from nowhere in particular, but was an element just like air. We never ask ourselves where air comes from, for it is there and we are alive. With the sun it is the same thing. There was no use my seeing the sun high up in the sky in its place in space at noon, since I was always searching for it elsewhere. I looked for it in the flickering of its beams, in the echo which, as a rule, we attribute only to sound, but which belongs to light in the same measure. Radiance multiplied, reflected itself from one window to the next, from a fragment of wall to cloud above. It entered into me, became part of me. I was eating sun.

~ Jacques Lusseyran, And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II

Notes: A Turkish Dervish dances through afternoon light pouring in from the roof. Photograph by Hasan Açan (via Hidden Sanctuary)


  1. Writing so vivid and alive, it has breath…

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  2. So beautiful and great feelings… Thank you, Love, nia

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  3. His story is so remarkable. His book is one of those books that will haunt you, as it describes a life that is completely unique – not so much in the story itself but in his way of expressing the things that happened to him. It reminds me a little of the Dalai Lama’s autobiography in that a young person endures terrifying and damaging circumstances – but in his telling of the story there is practically no hint of bitterness, terror, judgment – and no hatred or self pity. A gallant and remarkable human being.

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    • Hi Elizabeth. I’m 3 chapters in and you’ve captured him so beautifully. He is simply a human living arrangements three or four levels above me. Remarkable, astonishingly so.


  4. and i shone brightly from within.

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  5. I bumped/tripped on your blog because of a book.
    This will be the 7th book I thank you for reading.
    …and the photo pairing is just magical.

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  6. Great stuff. Inimitable.

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    • (Red faced. The depth of my vocabulary is not something I’m proud of. Had to look up “Inimitable” – and was shaking my head “Yes” – Daniel got it right…
      so good or unusual as to be impossible to copy; unique.
      “the inimitable ambience of Hawaii”
      synonyms: incomparable, unparalleled, unrivaled, peerless, matchless, unequaled, unsurpassable, superlative, supreme, perfect, beyond compare, second to none, in a class of one’s own;

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  7. Oh, those whirling dervishes! *That’s* the heart of the Muslim faith at work.

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  8. First of all, the photo made me come to a full stop; then the words…more magic. I’ve just ordered the book. Thank you!

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  9. I am in awe of this kind of writing. It is a special gift to have.

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  10. This time, it’s “Like” all of the above!

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  11. I love the image that comes with his words, “I was eating sun.” 🙂

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  12. freddiegeorgia says:

    You are a magic magnet!! Bringing photos and prose and poetry and music together to share and enjoy! Long live David Kanigan!!!

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