Driving I-95 N. FAQs in Confessional.


A: Just no good.
Q: Huh?
A: I just was no good.
Q: Elaborate please.
A: Starter pistol fires at 2:30 am. Sprinter explodes out of the blocks. 4 consecutive mornings.
Q: Outcome?
A: Dominos.
Q: Dominos?
A: Dominos, tip, tip, tipping, toppling in slow motion, and then roaring around corners and racing down straightaways at mid-day.
Q: Dominos?
A: Dominos.
A: Bad Ju-Ju.  Darth Vader.
Q: Martyr kneeling to the God of Work?
A: Hmmmmmm.
Q: Was there a moment(s), where you could have, instead, offered your undivided attention, a mere 10 minutes of your life to help him arrive at the solution and stifle your bark with the right path, the only path, or perhaps injected a positive scenario to ride the potential up, up, up, into the light, or covered the hammer with a velvet glove, sent a thank you note, let him get the last word, throttle back the sarcasm, they’ve heard the line I’m doing your job and mine, embraced the interruption to listen, no, really listen, not glance at your watch, she can tell you’re done, take a five minute break, a short walk outside to inhale the miracle under your feet, and then return, and not drive the conversation to your desired outcome, let your character rest and not lean in with both shoulders, ask about his family or plans for the weekend, like you mean it and like you care, and set the obsession on the timeline aside, just for one single moment, let her finish the conversation and swallow the “gotta go” that drips from the tip of your tongue – go where, where the h*ll are you going exactly?  Let those tired over leant shoulders sag. Unclench those fists. Unlock that jaw. Let the Ju-Ju fall, free fall away, down, way away.

A: Was that a question?
Q: Sorry. Let me try it again.
Q: Was there a moment(s) where you could have…
A: (Interrupting). I get it. Please.
Q: Was there a moment(s) where you could have…
A: Forgive Me. Please.
A: The Answer is Yes.





  1. Frustrating, Darth – but arguably the most important conversation of the day…

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  2. “Let the ju-ju fall.”

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  3. yes.

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  4. Oh, where are those velvet gloves when we need them? And why are the options always so clear, afterwards? No easy answers. But brilliant confessional.

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  5. yes. loved this post and message. so many insightful words and phrases. I think, my favorite would be….. “Martyr Kneeling To The God of Work”

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  6. Q: Can we take it easy on ourselves, please?

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  7. Yes.

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  8. Ah, welcome to the Dark Side, my Scorpio friend.

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