Crowdfunding Smiles. Impossible, not to join.

“Coca-Cola Hired This Man to Laugh Really on a Crowded Subway Train in Belgium.  It’s usually not a good sign when someone starts laughing maniacally on the subway. But riders in Belgium seem to take it pretty well in this new Coca-Cola ad.  The agency, Gonzales in Brussels—working off the insight that “happiness starts with a smile”—wanted to make people laugh in an environment where they rarely do. So, they hired a guy to get things started. See how it went.”

Thank you Susan.


  1. Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes.

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  2. Thanks to Annie! Still smiling.

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  3. I couldn’t help but join in, too. Thank you for passing on the laughter!

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  4. It’s “catching” the same way a yawn is.

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  5. Lord knows we need as many smiles and laughs as we can get these days…. Thanks for a wonderful start to my day, pal…

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  6. This is really so impressive and yes, made me smile and laugh too… but also added a little tears too… so emotionally hit me. We all need this, to smile and laugh… The company did great job, Thank you for you both, Have a nice and smiling weekend, Love, nia

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  7. 🙂

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  8. thanks for doing the same to/for us.

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  9. Of course. ☺☺☺

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  10. We all need to laugh…MORE! 🙂

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