Riven with insecurities


Hoffman, 78, often professes himself riven with insecurities and convinced that every job will be his last. “You don’t erase the first 10 years of your life, it stays with you, it’s imprinted … you didn’t work!” he says. “Selfishly, I feel, well, I just got in under the gun.” However, he has nothing to prove. With a catalogue of era-defining movies including The Graduate, Lenny, All the President’s Men, Straw Dogs and Tootsie, he’s one of the pre-eminent film stars of the last 50 years. While it’s doubtful that Kung Fu Panda 3, the film he’s promoting today in New York, will join The Graduate and Midnight Cowboy in the National Film Registry, it’s still a perfectly charming kids’ movie, enhanced by Hoffman’s infinitely expressive growl. […]

So who’s the best actor of all time? Hoffman doesn’t believe in the concept, but he believes in best performances. “The first one that comes to mind – he just got an Oscar, I heard – Mark Rylance. His Jerusalem, my God. I said: ‘What is that?’ When you see something that transforms everything that you’ve been doing for a living … I mean, you’re an actor but that goes beyond. He was doing something larger.” Equally stunning, says Hoffman, was Simon Russell Beale as Hamlet. “He was unkempt, he was heavy, he played him like a real loser, which I think Shakespeare wrote, and I thought he had an essence. Then it came to ‘To be or not to be’ and he came to the lip of the stage and he said: ‘To be …’”

Hoffman gets up, and just for me performs Russell Beale performing Hamlet. “And he held it until there wasn’t a person in the audience that was breathing and it was as if he had collected everyone to the very essence of what he was saying. ‘… or not to be.’ And I thought, ‘Woah.’ I got goosebumps. He still kept the iambic pentameter but it just got inside something that no-one else had done before. Great acting, I do love it.” And, he says, despite niggles – a torn rotator cuff, back injuries and waning ability to remember people’s names, he’ll be doing it for as long as he’s able.

~ Alex Needham, Dustin Hoffman: ‘I was an outsider. I came to New York and I was cleaning toilets’

Source: The Guardian



  1. He has a memorable face. In the first second of looking at the photo, I thought, “I know that guy.” He sure had made a name for himself.

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  2. it is one of the loves of his life.

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  3. I love this man’s acting ability; and he seems such a gorgeous person indeed. And, like most of us, he has his inner demons, as well as his physical challenges. He’s just human, after all!

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  4. A man who is extraordinary, and doesn’t believe it. It was/is a driving force beyond compare.

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  5. For as long as I can remember I’ve had a crush on this man.
    Serious crush and my husband knows it.
    But his biggest threat is Jacques Pepin. He is convinced I would leave him for Pepin.

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  6. Oh, thank you for this. It’s such a lift when people we admire turn out to deserve it.

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  7. Long may he continue David – absolutely love Dustin Hoffman!! 🙂 I’d love to see him in some meaty roles written for the older man. Kind of sad that writers and film producers are rarely interested in that concept. I guess it doesn’t make the mega bucks they dream of! Lets hope there’s a bit of a change in that thinking some time soon. A young world is a boring world – and I used to think that when I was actually young – always loved the balance of young and older in movies, it works so well.

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  8. Yes. It is true that we artists suffer from many deep insecurities. I try to hide mine though and actually turn them into something positive. I, like Dustin Hoffman, believe that I have a few gems of writing, but the stuff I wrote when I was younger was MUCH better. If only I hadn’t lost most of my work. It was really something. If only I knew… now, my work is a shadow of its former self. But enough about me.

    I noticed that Dustin Hoffman had demons in his life. I can tell by the picture of him covering one eye. That is a tribute to Satan, in my opinion.

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  9. houseofrogue says:

    What a wonderful post. It grabbed me to my screen and kept me there 🙂

    I’m currently writing about 4 steps to get rid of that insecurity so it’s nice to get some inspiration from other blogs. I really enjoyed reading your post. It was refreshing!

    Keep it up !

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