And when things didn’t go quite as expected, Americans lost their shit.


Haven’t read fiction in months.

Sharon Guskin‘s debut novel is an Amazon Best Book of February, 2016.

I don’t believe in reincarnation.

NY Times Book Review: “Sounds ludicrous. It shouldn’t work. But Guskin pulls off the silly premise with a gripping, deft and moving mystery.” 

And, swept away by this page turner.

Here’s a biscuit…

“This never would have happened in India. In India they understood that life unfolded the way it unfolded, whether you liked it or not: the cow in the road, the swerve that saves or kills you. One life ended, a new one began, maybe it was better than the last one, maybe it wasn’t. The Indians (and the Thais, and the Sri Lankans) accepted this the way they accepted the monsoons or the heat, with a resignation that was like simple good sense. Damned Americans. Americans, unschooled in the burning dung heaps and the sudden swerves, Americans couldn’t help but cling tightly to the life they were living like clutching a spindly branch that was sure to break … and when things didn’t go quite as expected, Americans lost their shit. Himself included.”

~ Sharon Guskin, The Forgetting Time: A Novel



  1. SO mine kind of book! Thanks DK for the recommendation 💛

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  2. Definitely checking this one out.

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  3. I do read fiction. And, reincarnation intrigues me. That quote you shared about, ‘what if you (we) had chances and chances….” totally intriguing to me. This one must go on the list!

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  4. I’m open to reincarnation, I think we can never learn all that we are meant to the first time around,….For some us it’s more than a few times ha! We don’t know, but maybe Sharon makes it seem that little more believable?

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  5. She has written several awesome books.

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  6. What If…. .. 2 words I love 🙂

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  7. You had me at hello, pal. Into the queue it goes!

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  8. sounds brilliant – can’t wait to read it

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  9. Into the pile!

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  10. Well damn it all…here I go. Again.

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  11. I do believe in reincarnation, not based on facts, let’s say not enough facts.
    But I would like to come back again and again, one life time is nowhere near enough!
    The YOLO you shared in one of your comments and how the author feels about it cracks me up.
    The two “only”s that drive me insane. ..
    “You ONLY live once”/what if you don’t only live once?
    “I’m ONLY human”/ “only” human?


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