Yoga Girl and Goat




“Yoga sensation Rachel Brathen (aka Yoga Girl) has inspired others to grab a yoga mat and get going—including her baby goat Penny Lane! Last Christmas, Brathen received the adorable creature as a present from her husband. Together, they’re dedicated to running an animal rescue. “All she wants to do is sit on our laps and watch TV and climb things … and chill on the couch looking cool with her underbite,” writes Brathen, referring to Penny Lane.”

Don’t miss the full story and additional photographs here: My Modern Met


  1. I have enough trouble ‘gettin my zen on’ in yoga class without having a goat gamboling around on my backside. Just sayin’ (though she is * awfully* cute…)

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  2. freddiegeorgia says:

    You have got to be ‘kidding’ me!

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  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    #YogaGirl …. Rescuing animals!

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  4. LOOOVE this.
    My daughter used to do this when she was a toddler. Now is is 5 feet tall.
    Now it’s the cat.
    I’m 4 months away from becoming a yoga instructor.
    And we are getting a dog soon.

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  5. the babies are darling…

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  6. Cute!

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  7. so cute –

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  8. I see your goat and raise a cat. Sun Salutation with Attitude.

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  9. I don’t use the word often, but this is “brilliant”.

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  10. I love it! And yet, really? 🙂 Too cute and good for girl and her goat! I agree, the hooves would seem like they would hurt!

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