Let’s just say: “Oh”


I had to validate. I did.  See water.usgs.gov for fact check.

And this “theme” has been top of mind following a passage I read in Elizabeth Strout’s new book:

I asked if my brother had a job. “He has no job,” my mother said. “He spends the night with any animal that will be killed the next day.” I asked her what she had said, and she repeated what she had said. She added, “He goes into the Pedersons’ barn, and he sleeps next to the pigs that will be taken to slaughter.”

~ Elizabeth Strout, My Name Is Lucy Barton

Source: Thepoetoaster


  1. Wow… I’ll pick the burger! That’s scary statistics. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for posting this; I couldn’t agree more with the underlying message…

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  3. Peggy Farrell says:

    Very interesting….. I’ll skip the beef.

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  4. Wow. Where DO you come up with these? This one is precious at so many levels. Skip the burger? yes and yes and oh so much more.. not excluding the recent WHO report on the perils of eating meat..

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  5. Feeling even happier that I haven’t felt the urge to say ‘Where’s the beef?!’ When sitting at my kitchen table. 😀 Also happy that I’ve all but eliminated bread from my diet–the wheat/bread are pretty ‘thirsty,’ too. Fascinating, pal….

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