Dec 24: 64° F



Notes: Image Credit for Calvin and Hobbes (You Call This December?). Temperature map: Gizmodo


  1. i know!!!

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  2. Right there with ya, pal, right there…..

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  3. My sentiments exactly!

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  4. Had my jacket on today, and I got too warm!!

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  5. 70 degrees at 0600 in Aiken, SC…and humidity is 95%, which is typical for an August morning.

    Looking forward to seeing Santa in shorts and a tank top.

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  6. We nearly had breakfast outside this morning. …. Have to say I love it!!

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  7. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Yes, this is December 2015 …. climate change is bogus? For real??


  8. I feel it. We are the warmest in the whole country. Merry Christmas, David & co!

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  9. Same here, around 21 most days still (low 70s). Nice though

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  10. Oh my… (from hot and sunny New Zealand). Climate change bogus? Kidding indeed! Merry Christmas David, and to all your friends and followers. Have a wonderful festive season and in 2016 we’ll roll up our sleeves – much to be done 🙂

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    This is crazy! My dad and I think that the earth shifted when that plant exploded in Japan. My husband thinks we’re crazy, but who else has an explanation? Global warming might explain the MidWest and Eastern United but what about the West? This is getting really weird!
    Peace, love & lower utility bills for all,

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