Lautari is an award-winning ethno-jazz quartet, whose members hail from central and southern Poland. They draw their name from the wandering Romainian musicians, or Gypsies, of the mid-1800’s. Named for lute players back then, historic lautari fostered a rich history that spread among central, southern and eastern Europe and now informs the very contemporary approach by our modern Lautari, who blend traditional folk music with classical composition and jazz improvisation into a unique mix with as many cultural influences as Poland itself has today.

Source: The KEXP Blog. Listen to Full Performance here.


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  2. A beautiful piece of music, indeed. Being the stickler for details, that many consider a character flaw, I couldn’t help but observe that there were three musicians, but the description refers to them as a quartet. Maybe that was a reference to the guest drummer” mentioned on the embedded website?

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  3. Shoot. Not available on Pandora. They really need to get on the stick.

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    “Lautari is an award-winning ethno-jazz quartet, whose members hail from central and southern Poland.” … take a listen!!

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  5. beautifully calming and hopeful –

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  6. …in my Monday morning, filled my day already! So beautiful, Thank you dear David, have a nice day, love, nia

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  7. It’s exquisite music.

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