Riding Metro North. Floating above it all.


I’m walking across town on 47th street to catch Metro North.  Times Square bursts to illuminate the light drizzle falling between the skyscrapers.  It’s 48° F, cool, but comfortable for the first day of December. There’s plenty of time to catch the evening train. I’m a victim of a poor night’s sleep and a long day but I float above it all – above fatigue, above the snarled commuter traffic and I welcome the soft, evening rain. This day is done. This tank is empty. There’s nothing left to do but let it fall.

Fragments from my morning reading of Clarice Lispector’s book parachute in…now the rain has stopped. It’s just cold and feels good…The days melt into one another, merge to form one whole block, a big anchor. Her gaze starts evoking a deep well. Dark and silent water…

I take my seat. Rain drops bead on my shoes and mar the morning shine. Floating, watching it from above, the rain water slides down the side of my shoe.

I dig into the day’s papers. The Climate Change Summit in Paris has commenced. California in October, 2015 was 7º hotter than October 2013. Polar bears swim farther for food as the ice caps are melting.

The train makes its first stop.  I turn to the window and watch the rain fall on the platform. The warm air in the train car, the rain and the cool December evening mix to mist the window. I close my eyes, lean against the cool aluminum window and replay this morning, most mornings, every morning. And float, watching the scene from above.

  • I turn on the faucet, I cup my hands to collect water and splash my face.
  • I fill my cupped hands again, and drink.
  • I flush the toilet and watch the water swirl down the pipes.
  • I turn on the shower. I stand for several minutes and bask in the warmth, steam rising.
  • I’m back to the faucet again, this time to shave.
  • I’m back to the faucet again, this time to brush my teeth.
  • I’m downstairs. I grab a bottle of water from the fridge for my commute and toss it into my bag.

And then I turn back to the papers.

And the collision.

The “Photo of the Day.” A Filipino farmer digs for water for his plants. Digging for water for plants for food.

I turn back to the window. I see my reflection. And there I am.

And yes, there you you are. Still floating above it all.



  • Photo: wsj.com – Photo of the Day A Filipino farmer digs in a dried-up portion of Laguna Lake to collect water for his plants in Taguig city, south of Manila, Philippines. Filipinos who depend upon the Laguna Lake for a livelihood are appealing to concerned agencies to stop pollution and prevent the degradation of its watershed.  (Francis R. Malaise)
  • Photo of Light Image by Andrew Harnik: A visitor walks past a large installation of embroidery threat meant to depict rays of light called ‘Plexus A1’ by artist Gabriel Dawe at the newly reopened Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C.
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  1. Bam.

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  2. Still floating above it all. A lovely look into a slice of time David. ❤
    Diana xo

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  3. Beautiful writing David …I’m floating along too , thankyou ….blessings , megxxx

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  4. We really take water for granted, don’t we ? That photo…wow.

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  5. good to be gobsmacked on a regular basis, i think.

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  6. The Filipino farmer is digging for water for his plants where the bottom of Laguna Lake used to be. *BOOM*

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  7. A very sensory rich writing, the detail at the end was a stark contrast. The bluntness of the words pairs nicely with the message and imagery.

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  8. Great writing David and a powerful picture to remind us yet again, what we have. Thankyou.

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  9. The miracle of water. But too often we take it for granted. At least I do. Even after seeing struggles like the Photo of the Day with my own eyes. Great writing, David.

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  10. Outstanding writing, Dave…and the smooth merge, of the farmer in the photo of the day, amazing tie in…

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  11. and I wonder of this farmer, today…did he make it to 2022? and out west in the USA the drought is legendary…scoured, parch earth (last year creeks dried up, this year the mighty Colorado River doesn’t make it to the Pacific Ocean, yet again)…the lifecycle of the ecosystem…disrupted almost to no return…the wind from the east, the heat (95 -100 or so), the low humidity…all fuel for the firestorm that threatens…all life…as my rural electric co-op warns of imminent power turn off to prevent power distribution lines for sparking catastrophic fires…like the summer of 2020…

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