Lift it. Lift it way up.


My mood suddenly lifted.
The day was crisp and bright,
the atmosphere quivering with life,
like the translucent strands of a rare aquatic species
with long, flowing tentacles,
lappets flowing vertically from a jellyfish’s bell.
Would that human energy could materialize in such a way.
I imagine such strands waving horizontally
from the edges of my black coat.

~ Patti Smith, M Train



  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    So beautiful …. Lifted!!

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  2. jelly fish is not a wish
    it is certainly not my dish 🙂
    I like the flow
    also the glow
    but more
    not lift ..but swim
    under the waves
    filled with water
    floats away !

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  3. What a last line!

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  4. sometimes we just need to find our glow.

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  5. Look out for women in black coats today – Beautiful and dangerous!

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  6. “Lappets.” I can’t help but picture something sweatier.

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  7. Beautiful

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