Judgment Day

Six photographers.
1 man.

Each photographer is asked to photograph “Michael”.

Each photographer is shared a unique perspective on Michael.

One is told that Michael is a self-made millionaire.
Another, is told Michael has saved someone’s life.
Another, is told Michael is a commercial fisherman.
Another, is told that Michael is a Psychic.
Another, is told that Michael is an ex-inmate.
Another, is told that Michael is a former alcoholic.

Watch the outcome…


  1. Absolutely fantastic…implicit bias drives so much

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  2. This happens everyday. We need to take time to see more than we hear. Judgement VS Judgment..mmmm LIke the English version better. 🙂

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  3. I love this.

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  4. This video says everything about both art and life. Magnificent.

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  5. No one sees it like you ❤️

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  6. this is fascinating.

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  7. What is it they say, ‘Perception is reality.’ This one brought me up short. So easy, too easy, to make all *sorts* of assumptions with little to go on. You’re right, DK & Mimi–implicit assumptions drive so much and none of us are immune….

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  8. A fascinating study on the sort of judgements we probably all make on a daily basis about people we only meet on passing.

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  9. Impact..They Trusted what they were told…Even-though they are creative professionals, they allowed binding constraints feed to them to confine their approach to their photography subject…Judgements, assumptions are not the truth and can lead to misunderstanding, mis-belief, sorrow, often a person only has partial, limiting information and they rush to judgement…when really we shouldn’t judge, one should apply discernment…I though this video’s exercise was so interesting…Each photographers interpretation was shaped by their lifetime of experiences and beliefs…one must continually, explore and express their Soul’s depth…the outcome is truly, unique and impactful…

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  10. Barneysday says:

    Wonderful perspective. Another insight as to how we might perceive others and how outside factors might influence that. Well done!

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  11. I. Love. This.

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  12. A fantastic share, David. This says so much about us. And not only as photographers.

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  13. I love the interesting posts you share, David! This was very thought provoking. I don’t know how anyone who watches this cannot stop and reflect how we behave/judge as the photographers did.

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  14. Reblogged this on renplus and commented:
    Yet more proof that life is shaped by our perceptions of it. I found it interesting to watch first without sound and to try guessing which portrait belonged to which version of the story about Michael.

    What a profound and interesting story about how the same elements of reality are shaped by our interpretation of it!


  15. A person is not made by a resume but by his heart. That is why many fail in judgment of others. For only One truly knows the hearts of all. Therein judgment lies.

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