1. it is hump day
    on my way
    moving in jolts
    covering my face
    looking at distant
    that is vague

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  2. Wow, superb foro – oh to be that professional

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  3. Suddenly Madonna’s song, ‘Vogue,’ springs unbidden to my mind….

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  4. Field trip?

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  5. brunch day?

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    .. and Caleb struts by us!!! Magnificent ….

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  7. An exotic day ahead!

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  8. Look.

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  9. striking,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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  10. Wow, this is a gorgeous photo. And I harbor unrelenting prejudice against camels (in case you hadn’t noticed).

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  11. This stunning photo tells it all. The arid desert, the journey, the pain and the pride. Love it.

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