5:00 PM Bell!

friday, weekend, TGIF, T.G.I.F.,work



  1. Outta here!!! (well not for another 3 hours for me) Happy Friday DK; go find yourself a great weekend with some kind of sleeping in and/or nap(s)… 🙂

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  2. And don’t let the screen door hit ya in the a$&! 😀

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  3. Im flying home……:) TGIF

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  4. Ah, Gliding in for a weekend….. even though the image is one with daylight remaining, I am reminded of Carole King’s song “Nightingale” “Like some nightbird ‘Homeward Winging’ He seeks that shelteredness Like the sailor’s lost horizon He needs some ‘Place to Rest’ ” Enjoy your weekend 🙂 ..mine is starting on 3 hours of sleep..the mid 90’s heat is getting to me..

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  5. that’s really cute.

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  6. DK I hope you are gifted a nap, today…I will try to nap today…Yes, it is a beautiful day! I’ve always loved the time of September 🙂 when I smell the welcoming of Autumn…and feel the touch of golden hued light….

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  7. Simply adorable and definitely collectible. Thanks

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