Sound of the drums / Beatin’ in my heart / I’m Thunderstruck


Joan of Arc was not stuck at a crossroads…
she chose a path,
and went down it like a thunderbolt.

~ G. K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy


  • Credits: Quote Source: Thank you Mme Scherzo. Image: Mennyfox55
  • Post title Inspired by AC/DC’s Thunderstruck: I was caught / In the middle of a railroad track. (Thunder) / I looked round / And I knew there was no turning back (Thunder) / My mind raced / And I thought what could I do (Thunder) / And I knew / There was no help, no help from you (Thunder) / Sound of the drums / Beatin’ in my heart


  1. Beautiful 🙂 x Check out my blog AcesoCasual x

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  2. and knowing she had no brakes.

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  3. Love this quote, but I think there’s room on a path for one thunderbolt at a time. Such bravery on her part. As a child, I was obsessed with her story after we learned about it in history class. I remember drawing for homework a very gruesome picture of her burning at the stake.

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  4. What a great juxtaposition of words, music and image. Thanks, David.

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  5. I love the words and you have elicited a smile from me, taking me back to another time….Yes, she forged ahead in determination….in my world, though… At a Crossroads is exactly where she Reigns on Mount, in Gilded Triumphant Splendor, shear force…what an Impression she made on me… Joan of Arc or I should say a Life size statue of her on Mount was part of my daily life when I was growing up, I passed her going to and from school, friends, church, the grocery store, etc She was weathered in her age when she made the impression on me (was re-gilded in 2002 ) Now she shines like a Sentinel of Honor in Victory, Inspiring, yet another generation and more to follow, her intellect, courage, determination, strength and youth an asset… … .”The Jeanne d’Arc that so dominates the roundabout at Northeast 39th Avenue and NE Glisan Street (in the beautiful Laurelhurst neighborhood) is a full-size reproduction of a statue that still stands at the Place des Pyramides in Paris. It was given to Portland in 1924 by Dr. Henry Waldo Coe.” I don’t know how to post a photo so here is a link to one of impressive statue taken Aug. of 2015, note the unusual dry, dry grass…,_Oregon.jpg

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  6. No one says it better than Chesterton! Thanks Dave.

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  7. A great Chesterton quote, and an inspired title for the post.

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  1. […] Sound of the drums / Beatin’ in my heart / I’m Thunderstruck ( […]

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