Source: NY Magazine (8/16/15)


  1. Interesting. I, too, would rather be a bird, but I do think there would be something cool about slipping through the ocean depths with ease, plying a silent world that many don’t realize exists. And then I’d meet a great white…. 😑

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  2. I’m among the 92% as well.

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  3. mhuckabee1 says:

    For a while people have been flying these little radio controlled four-blade devices known as “quadcopters”. But very recently someone hooked up a pair of video goggles to the camera on board and flew one as if they were actually on board it. The sensation is like flying as a bird, or more precisely like flying one of the pod racers in Star Wars. It’s called FPV (first-person view). Here’s a video (complete with crashes!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsxyV-kgfio

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  4. No contest—bird!

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  5. Though, strangely, I have this idea that I will be a dolphin in my next life……

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  6. It’s duh! for me as well.

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  7. It seems like a weighted survey to me. While I’m terrified of the sea, if they’d asked if I wanted to be a bird or a whale, I might have thought twice.

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  8. i would love to soar in the sky, but float on the sea.

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  9. Although I love the sea, I’d opt for being a bird , a seabird, rather than a fish.

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  10. Mermaid?…

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  11. Why would I choose to regress to a lower life form? I’m looking to move up, not down.
    Leave it to the NYT.

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  12. if I was a duck or pelican, I could fly AND swim 🙂

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