I was watching this video (3:15 am, in the dark) and seeing florescent orange in my peripheral vision from the digital clock on the dresser – and feeling gratitude wash over me.  I marvel at what technology is doing for people like Neil Harbisson (and so happy that I can see more than gray-scale.) Bottom line: Moved.

“The life of Neil Harbisson is like something out of a sci-fi novel. Neil was born with achromatopsia, a rare condition that leaves 1 in 30,000 people completely colorblind. But Neil isn’t colorblind, far from it. After convincing his doctors to implant an antenna onto him, Neil now possesses a new sense – the ability to hear colors. Neil takes you through a day in his life and you into an entirely new world.”

Source: Sho & Tell


  1. Why are you watching this video at 3:15am????? Why? Please meditate. Be still. 🙂

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  2. Wow. Wow. Wow.

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  3. mind-blowing. i feel gratitude for my natural ability to experience color.

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  4. I was waiting for the punch line at the end, telling me it was all a hoax. I’m still finding it hard to believe that someone would walk around with this antenna suck in his head and then be bombarded by squealing sounds for the rest of his life. I hope it has something like a USB port and he can unplug it if he wants.

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    • Laughing. It was a bit odd. Yet, if I couldn’t see color, I might load my head with just about anything to hear music. As I pointed out in my opening, the video made me appreciate what we see (in color) every day.

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  5. My husband thought it is a hoax, too. Me, I feel amazed at all I don’t know about the world and the resiliency of people.

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  6. Fascinating! Just proves there’s more than one way of seeing. We are very fixed into one way, and probably just don’t see any other possibilities. I was watching a video of a young blind man the other week, he can see objects by clicking with his tongue. Somehow he can hear the difference in the sound and knows when he’s near an object or person, he even rides a bike in his neighbourhood – it was amazing!! 🙂

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