6:00 a.m. Let’s go.


I often can’t put a finger on what drives me to create. What force drags me to the studio at 6 a.m.? What pulls me out of bed in the middle of the night to jot down a story idea or melody? I have always had something to say or show. Most of it, if not all of it, has been only my flawed attempts to represent truth. But it’s been a story that has unfolded over the course of my life. I just follow it, as it keeps me busy and well-worked.

— Scott Avett, “My Search For Truth”

Photo: Mennyfox55


  1. namelessneed says:

    yes, true, & photo, too

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  2. yes, a working man’s approach to creation. the avetts are my favorites.

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  3. ..”as it keeps me busy and well worked” … Makes me wonder about how this makes him feel. Is this deeply satisfying or uncomfortable? Is it expanding or contracting?
    Would love to know what else he says…

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  4. …and insomnia.😉

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  5. Love your blog David, keep on doing what you do best. Melody

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  6. Does that guy look like he’s leaning back too far? Looks off balance. Or maybe I need to check my glasses.

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  7. I think the hard part is saying, “Yes” to that impulse–to jot a note in the middle of the night, or in the doctor’s office. To stop at the junk shop because its calling you. Sometimes it can be a wee voice.

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