Big Blue

susan kanigan

Lake Superior at Marquette, Michigan.
Susan Kanigan with her iPhone 6 @ 4:36 PM on July 18, 2015.

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  1. OH I LOVED the first one and sent it to my (photographer) daughter. And I think I even love this one more. Actually it’s official – I love this one more.

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  2. Hey David. Your Twitter feed is going bonkers. Wondering if you got hacked? If not, ignore or delete this.

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  3. very, very blue-tiful.

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  4. It’s like an ocean.

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  5. Lovely! There’s a painter in these parts who takes photos from cars and then reproduces them (in a manner of speaking) on canvas. Love his work. This is what Susan’s photo made me think of….

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  6. Another Mark Rothko! Stunning!

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  7. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you Susan and Dave! 😘

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  8. Nope.

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  9. That’s the way it looked on the water here yesterday.

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  10. Quite a piece of art! These phone cameras are turning out some great photography these days! 🙂

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