Feel it. In both directions.


I like swimming against the current,
but only because it makes me feel
I’ve earned the ease and pleasure
of floating back to where I started.

~ Jan Heller Levi, from “Conversation,” Once I Gazed at You in Wonder


Poem Source: memoryslandscape. Image: Discover Magazine


  1. ah – the floating part.

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  2. Lately I feel like I am swimming far too frequently against the current – looking forward to the floating..

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  3. I already said “yes”. And now I’m back where I started.

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  4. Hmm…so interesting. Just earlier this morning I was thinking about some of the challenges that have been met and overcome in the last few years..and how I appreciate what they have given and taught me. Where I am now because of them. I feel like this kind of matches that thought bubble, so once again DK, your timing is mysteriously impeccable.

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  5. I read a quote last night, “The only real battle in life is hanging on or letting go”. Sharon Adler. Ah, the letting go…….

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