Hump Hump Hump Humpbacks!



Amateur photographer Katrina Begg took this incredible shot of two whales breaching in tandem off Flynns Beach, off the coast of Port Macquarie in Australia.

Read more here: Herald Sun (July 7, 2015)


  1. Ah, a diversion!! Well done!

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  2. Wow! Well played, as Mimi said. 😉 And what an amazing experience for the photographer!

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  3. So cool. tho for one second I was worried that caleb’s role was being threatened…. thankfully I read the next (prior) post! Happy Wednesday ….

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  4. Wonderful synchrony!

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  5. Exhilerating! Just what’s needed for hump day 🙂


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  7. beautiful –

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  8. Completely unrelated but my hometown was named after the founders – the Macquarie brothers — a misspelling at the registry resulted in the town’s name today – Macrorie, SK. 🙂 MJ

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