Sunday Morning: They have chosen us


It is afternoon — the time of gathering. The long shadows of the day stretch out behind us. I am watching the birds land on the feeder outside our window. Grackles, chickadees, songbirds, and jays. Why have they chosen us? Despite cats, squirrels, noise, human intrusion, they brave everything to return here. I marvel as they make their peace with each other and share this common space…

They take their turns. The songbirds flutter, alight, grab a few grains, and retreat. The jays strut and preen. The grackles swoop down with impunity, take what they will. Far in the background, perched in a small pine tree, the chickadee sits patiently…[and then] swoops in and takes a small grain of corn…The chickadee flutters upward and disappears into the orange glow of evening. She was the last, and now she is gone. But she will be back. They will all be back. Though they have the freedom of the air, they have chosen us.

~ Kent Nerburn, Small Graces: The Quiet Gifts of Everyday Life


  • Credits: Thank you Susan for photo from backyard, 4pm, April 24, 2015.
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  1. Absolutely lovely….

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  2. Very nice


  3. they are free of any burden, guilt, need, obligation or fear, and come of their own will. the best kind of visitors.

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  4. Lovely!!!

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  5. Such a great photo. I can spend hours watching the bird life around me, so entertaining

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  6. Lovely! These are indeed quiet gifts that I appreciate more and more as days run fast into one big blur of life.

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  7. We live in the country, and every morning the birds sing so sweet and loud it almost like an orchestra. The most rewarding part, though, is seeing the redwing blackbirds return every year to serenade their sweethearts from atop the highest weed. There is nothing more inspiring.

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  8. Yesterday, we had the pleasure to spend the day aboard a friend’s boat. We anchored in a bay off the shore at one of our beautiful state parks. As we swam and others kayaked, we were graced with the gift of a dolphin frolicking in the water. And she, too, chose us.

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  9. I can sit for hours on our porch watching the birds that gather there to feed and socialize.

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