SMWI*: Your morning, your noon and night

They say this far and not further
They draw lines and call it the limit
They tell you dreamers can’t be doers
And that every Road has been walked before
But when it is what every fibre of your being craves
When it is your all
Your Morning, Your Noon, and Night
When it is what frustrates you
And rewards you
When it is what you fight for
What you lose sleep and sometimes your mind for
When it is the very fire within you
When it is your greatest strength
And your one weakness
When it born not of need
Not even of desire
But of raw passion
How can it ever be enough?
How can there ever be an end?
They say the sky is the limit
Little do they know
You don’t stop at the limit
You start from it.
Born of Passion

SMWI* = Saturday Morning Work-Out Inspiration



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  2. This is a great motivation for my Saturday! The only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. Thanks for the reminder 😉

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  3. I needed this this morning. Thank you, David!

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  4. Those are some amazing jeans!

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  5. no limits.

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  6. That was super inspiring. Now I have to say, being a little on the Saturday morning dull side, after a little too much of the pulling, rolling, tucking, and sliding 😉 that I kept thinking… this guy’s shoes are way too clean. This must be a shoe commercial. The fine, unmarked leather, the perfectly clean athletic shoes which have obviously seen no road time. But then, in the end — it was the jeans. Where is my credit card? I need me some of that! 😉

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  7. So moving, so thrilling…then the spiel. Made me laugh.

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  8. Love these words!

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  9. Wow-“we don’t stop and the limit- that’s where we start” absolutely fantastic.

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  11. Very inspiring! But somehow don’t think wearing a pair of those jeans would do that for me. Good marketing though – a pair of jeans should always make you feel inspired! 😉

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    This is WOW!!!!Except that it is a jean advertisement?!?


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